Iron Mountain Systems, Inc. has been proud to serve both Civilian and Defense-related Government Agencies and their Contractors since 1987. IMS is a computer software and technology company specializing in Mission Critical Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and software applications that enable automated decision-focused incident detection, verification, response, and management. From specialized software applications to complex integration of existing Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) Systems, IMS delivers industry-leading experience, quality and reliability with unparalleled customer support.

IMS has continuously served both Federal and State Transportation Markets and is dedicated to becoming the trusted partner of choice for the design, integration and implementation of Transportation-based software and Homeland Security solutions.

IMS' software, ARIES ITS, enables system operators to intelligently control and manage assets deployed throughout the transportation infrastructure, thus reducing manpower requirements and expertise while increasing incident detection, response, and management effectiveness.

IMS ARIES products provide enhanced replacements for many legacy ITS Advanced Traffic Management Systems, reducing development, implementation, and sustaining costs for software needs throughout the development or upgrade process.

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TrafficWise is Indiana Department of Transportation's (INDOT) program to use Intelligent Transportation Systems, or ITS, to relieve traffic congestion and improve public safety. When you visit the TrafficWise website using the button above, you can learn more about ITS and TrafficWise and how it can help give you a smoother and safer trip.