Operator Workstation Software
ARIES ITS software supports single or multiple response roles to enable operators to respond and control multiple situations simultaneously.

Ergonomically designed for rapid, effective, efficient response and management. ARIES ITS Software is designed to utilize multiple workstation displays enabling operator's to work the situation and not be restricted by workspace or screen real estate. 

Time critical information can be automatically and intelligently disseminated throughout the infrastructure, from control of a single device, to all Statewide assets within minutes.

Targeted Control of Field Assets
Field devices such as Dynamic Message Signs (Overhead and Portable), Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), Pagers, Palm-Devices, and Vehicle Detectors are interfaced into the system and fully accessible by central or mobile operators.
Vehicle Detection equipment is deployed to provide lane-based speed, volume and occupancy data.
Communications equipment is installed at strategic locations bridging localized wireless traffic to the high-speed wireless network.
Field deployed devices and Incident Response Vehicles communicate via high-speed wireless communications installed on towers deployed throughout Northwest Indiana and Indianapolis.
Seamless Field Device Integration
On-board Computers & Displays

Each IRV is equipped with onboard computers which enable system operators to control and communicate the situation from within their vehicle.
Mobile Command & Control Software
Incident Response Vehicles

The Hoosier Helper Freeway Service Patrols are equipped with onboard computers and IMS' Virtual TMC Application Capability (VTAC) software which enables field personnel to act as Virtual Traffic Management Center Operators.
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